With our partnership focused approach to doing business, Roof Central is experiencing incredible business growth!  With that type of growth comes a need for additional, qualified, and like-minded individuals to add to our team.

We’re looking for more than just employees….we’re looking for individuals with a desire to perform at the highest levels of their profession.  Whether you’re a craftsman, office staff, sales, or managerial level individual, do you have what it takes to become a partner in the Roof Central team?

Desired Attributes

Here is a brief listing of some of the attributes we look for in considering new team members.

  • Drive to excel
  • Desire to improve
  • Cooperation
  • Motivation
  • Skill
  • Experience
  • Commitment
  • Team-focused mentality

Obviously, this isn’t an all-inclusive list.  However, it does spell out some of the most important traits a Roof Central team member will have.

What Roof Central Offers You

Roof Central offers you the opportunity for not just a “job”, but a career with a team that focuses on partnership.  Partnership with our clients and partnership with our team.  All members of the team are treated with respect, dignity, and consideration.

Roof Central believes that treating you as a valued member of our team is the best way to work, for both the company and for you.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Highly competitive wage
  • Excellent benefits package
  • On-going training opportunities
  • Professional growth potential

Ready to come aboard?  Call Roof Central today at 919-808-5111 or complete our online application.  We would love the opportunity to sit down and discuss with you how we can help each other.