Property Management Support

Support For Property Managers

Property managers and property management companies are a god-send to many real estate investors. Whether working with commercial or residential properties, these protectors of sanity provide a valuable service to their customers.

A large part of that service involves the maintenance and repair of the properties being managed. Roof Central understands that as well as the challenges property management faces each and every day. That is why we offer our services to property managers and management companies.

Property Management Services

Though our services are available to everyone, there are certain services that are of extra value to those managing commercial and/or residential properties. Those include:

Scheduled Inspection/Preventative Maintenance. To keep those properties in first rate shape, the roofs need to be regularly inspected, and appropriate preventative maintenance accomplished. We offer a program that schedules this work in advance, so you always know the task will be completed as well as when, and that marks one more thing off your to-do list.

We recommend scheduling your inspections at least twice a year, preferably in the Spring after winter’s harsh conditions, and again in the Autumn after the sweltering summer, and in preparation for the upcoming winter.

A scheduled inspection and preventative maintenance program offers the additional benefit of keeping your roofing warranty in force and supports any future insurance claim that may occur. Your owners will love that!

Emergency Inspections. After an extreme weather situation, those roofs need inspection immediately! There may be a need to file an insurance claim or make emergency repairs. Without inspection, any small problem may well become a big headache quickly.

Roof Central will inspect those roofs, providing you with a written description of our findings, including recommended solutions and pricing.

Insurance Claim Assistance. With all you have going on, wouldn’t it be great to get some help with filing insurance claims? That’s what we do. We help reduce that burden, while ensuring your adjuster has all the information necessary to approve your claim fast.

Why Roof Central?

We know you have choices, so why choose Roof Central?

  • Partnership. It is our goal to be your partner for all of your property management roofing needs. To achieve that goal, we offer unparalleled customer service. Roof Central will be there to address your needs, regardless of what they are, in a timely and professional fashion.
  • Convenience. Shopping around, particularly in an emergency roofing situation, is time-consuming and unnecessary. By establishing a partnership with Roof Central, you’ll know EXACTLY who to call when you need the job done.
  • Cost-savings. Working with Roof Central, particularly with a scheduled inspection & maintenance program, saves money. You are able to better anticipate roofing expenses, extend the life of your owner’s existing roofing systems, and reduce the risk of a roofing system failure.

Interested in learning more?  Call Roof Central at (919) 808-5111. We will schedule a no-obligation consultation, providing you with all the information you need to completely vet our organization and discuss the many ways we can make your life as a property manager less stressful, more productive, and more profitable.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!