Owner’s Bio

Owner, Justin Woodruff

Starting at the Top

With a corporate motto of “Start at the Top”, it’s only fitting that you get a chance to know the “top dog”, owner Justin Woodruff.

It is Justin who developed the Start at the Top focus, here at Roof Central.  He chooses to lead by example, always striving to be the very best roofing contractor, not only in the Triangle Area but in the entire state of North Carolina.

He has made it his personal philosophy to not only “serve” his customers but to fully service every aspect of their roofing needs.  He does this with his partnership philosophy.  Justin truly believes that the best possible business relationship is a partnership with his clients.  That working together they can identify the best solutions available, implement those solutions in a positive fashion, and, by doing so, maximize the return on investment for the homeowner and commercial building owner alike.  He has made this his professional life’s work.

Professional Background

Justin started his entrepreneurial life early, first going into business at the age of 15. Justin began with the installation of DirecTV satellites, hanging antennas, and similar hands-on jobs as part of his first foray into the world of business.

As he matured, Justin began moving in a more technological direction, focusing on the installation of wi-fi systems, networking, and audiovisual for home theaters. Justin discovered he had a knack for understanding the needs of his clients and meeting those needs in a mature, professional fashion.

Unexpectedly, Justin received input from two separate sources, with both suggesting he move into the roofing industry.  After careful consideration, Justin decided to give it a try.

With additional partners, Justin founded Ready Roofing.  Using his keen business acumen, he took the organization to $7.5 million in just 2 short years.

After serving as CEO of Ready Roofing for 3½ years, Justin chose to leave that organization.  Still loving the roofing industry, Justin has now founded Roof Central.

Why would he start all over with Roof Central?  Justin loves working with his clients and truly believes the very best business relationship is a long-term one.  To enable those long-term relationships to exist, Justin has focused Roof Central on one central theme – partner with your clients.

With a firm grasp of the value behind systems and processes, Justin has designed an organization where consistency and efficiency underlie every roofing project they complete, whether residential or commercial.

Personal Life

Born locally in Knightdale, NC, Justin grew up in the Triangle Area.  He has chosen to raise his family and open his business here, working and living among his friends and neighbors, while improving his local community.

Despite his dedication to Roof Central, Justin’s true loves are his children.  Father to Hudson and Riley, Justin absolutely gushes with paternal pride as he talks about his children.  It is clear that nothing in his life matters more.

With a deep understanding of the influence he has on his children, Justin strives daily to be the type of man, both personally and professionally, that his children can be proud of each and every day.  To do less than that is unthinkable to him.

To learn more about Justin’s many capabilities and great success, give him a call at 919-808-5111.  Let him and his team partner with you on your next roofing project.