Roof Insurance Claims

A roof that is getting a fresh install.

We’ll Work on Insurance Claims

Making an insurance claim, navigating through the maze of loopholes, deductibles, requirements, and other bureaucracy can be an unmitigated nightmare! We know, we walk through it on a regular basis. That’s why we offer our roofing partners insurance claims assistance. At Roof Central, we are quite familiar with the insurance claim process.

We are by no means insurance experts, but we are involved in plenty of insurance claim work. So, we have a lot more knowledge about the intricacies of a roofing claim than most companies do. We know what the adjuster needs, how claims are best worded, the evidence necessary, and the appropriate steps to take along the journey. We’re here to lend you a hand. Trust us for your roof insurance claim in Smithfield, NC. Just call us at (919) 808-5111 and we can help you today. We can help after you have hail damage to your roof.

When You Have an Insurance Claim

When you have a roof damage claim, there are certain events that take place. Knowing what to expect can help reduce your overall stress and anxiety.

  • Have the Roof Inspected. You want to make certain all potential damage is clearly identified and documented for your claim. The last thing you need is to find more damage as you go forward.
  • Call your Insurance Company. This step is where the claim itself is initially put in. Some of the questions may include what caused the damage, how extensive is it, and so forth.
  • Schedule an Adjuster. An adjuster will come to your home or commercial building to assess the damage personally. We will either meet with that adjuster or provide them with a copy of our inspection findings, including recommended solutions and pricing.
  • Claim Reviewed & Approved. Assuming all goes as it should, your claim will now be approved, and an initial check written to you, less the amount of your deductible. This is the signal for the next step.
  • Repair. In the industry, we would call this an “installation”. Basically, whatever remedy was approved can now begin. The repair, renovation, or replacement of your roofing system is done.
  • Completion. Once the job is complete and inspected, a second check is generally sent to you for the balance or the approved amount.
  • Final Payment. This is made only after the job is completely finished to your satisfaction and your roofing system is fully repaired and functional.

What to Expect from Roof Central

When you call Roof Central, you get complete insurance claims assistance. We’ll stand by your side through the entire process, advising and assisting you wherever and whenever possible. In fact, we will be there for you through the whole roof storm damage claim process.

  • Inspection. Your roofing system will be thoroughly inspected. We’ll look at flashing, protrusions, underlying structural damage risk and consider every single component of your roofing system. Then we’ll provide you with a written report of our findings, including recommended solutions and pricing. This is invaluable to your insurance claim.
  • Adjuster. When the adjuster is scheduled, we can meet with them to directly address any questions or concerns they may have about the damage itself or the inspection report. Knowing what an adjuster looks for gives you an extra advantage in getting that claim approved.
  • Installation. The installation of the approved repair/renovation/replacement will be completed in a timely and professional way.
  • Clean Up. On completion of the job, the entire area will be fully cleared of any evidence that a roof situation even occurred. The only remaining sign of that claim will be your beautiful roof.
  • Payment. Roof Central will work within your insurance company’s payment structure wherever it is possible to do so. If for any reason it appears there may be an issue regarding payment structure, you will be advised upfront as early in the process as possible.

When you think you may have a roof insurance claim in Smithfield, NC, please call Roof Central at (919) 808-5111 and let our professional staff assist you with this very stressful event.